Find a Typo? Have a Question?

We checked and rechecked every page of the book, but no matter how careful you are, mistakes have a way of creeping in. If you’ve found an error, or if you just have a question, please email us or post a comment here and we’ll respond as quickly as we can. We appreciate your feedback, and we’ll use it to continually make the book (and this site) better!


8 thoughts on “Find a Typo? Have a Question?”

  1. Listing 4-3 and figure 4-2. Second document.write() not displaying due to error: indexof() should be indexOf().

  2. There is a typo on Page 111.

    Program 7-9.

    for loop middle parameter as capital I which should read little i.

    Program does not work because of this.

  3. Page 38, last line: “… in which you opened it in.” Eliminate either instance of ‘in’ and this will be grammatically correct.

  4. At the risk of seeming pedantic, let’s add Page 53, where the paragraph starting with “Boolean values are primarily…” contains the word “test” on the 2nd line. This should be “tests” for agreement with the earlier verb and its subject.

  5. OK, full-blown editorial pedantry, now. Page 56, 2nd checkmark: “each time it’s run” requires an apostrophe to make “it’s” a contraction. Without the apostrophe, it’s a possessive.

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