The book is everywhere!

book partyOur book has been out for about 3 weeks now! We held some parties and talks, we’re reaching out to local Meetup groups to schedule more parties and talks, and we’re starting to get some (really good!) reviews.

Thank you for all of your support. If you have any questions about the book or if you’d like us to come talk to your group, get in touch!

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Chapter 7

Page 101: In the first sentence on the page, there is an extra ellipsis between for and in. The sentence should read: Listing 7-1 shows a program that adds numbers together. It works great and does exactly what it’s supposed to do, using a for…in loop (see Chapter 6).

Page 104: There should be a space between new and Date() in the code listing.

var rightNow = new Date();

Page 106: A paragraph is repeated before and after the code block near the bottom of the page. Remove the first instance of the paragraph starting with:

“When you call a function, you include data (arguments) in the places where the function definition has parameters.”

Page 111 In listing 7-9, The middle parameter of the for loops should be a lowercase i, rather than uppercase.

Chapter 4

Page 62: In the listing, there’s a semicolon missing after the empty variable declaration. It should read:

var bestAlbumsByGenre = [];

Page 62: In the final code block on the page, there shouldn’t be an underscore or a semicolon in the comment. It should read:

bestAlbumsByGenre[0][1]; // returns “Patsy Cline:Sentimentally Yours”

Listing 4-3 Where it says indexof, it should actually be indexOf


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